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2000 Landsat ETM Mosaics - Worldwide Bundle

Your Price: $1,495.95

The Landsat GeoCover dataset is a collection of high resolution satellite imagery provided in a standardized, orthorectified format, covering the entire land surface of the world (except Antarctica). This is an invaluable record of land cover and land cover change, provided in a consistent manner that allows for use in a wide range of activities including environmental assessment, planning, land management, resource stewardship and many Earth science research activities.

The GeoCommunity now has nearly complete worldwide coverage of Orthorectified Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper Mosaics available via the GIS Data Depot premium download mechanism and via DVD distributon.

The GeoCover Landsat mosaics are delivered in a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) / World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) projection. The mosaics extend north-south over 5 degrees of latitude, and span east-west for the full width of the UTM zone. For mosaics below 60 degrees north latitude, the width of the mosaic is the standard UTM zone width of 6 degrees of longitude. For mosaics above 60 degrees of latitude, the UTM zone is widened to 12 degrees, centered on the standard even-numbered UTM meridians. To insure overlap between adjacent UTM zones, each mosaic extends for at least 50 kilometers to the east and west, and 1 kilometer to the north and south. The mosaics are in MrSid format, in a UTM projection and have a pixel size of 14.25 meters. The coverage dates are 2000 +/-3 years dependent on the particular scene.

NOTE: Each file includes a world (.sdw) file as well as an ESRI .aux file for correct projection information.

Click here for a PDF with more information on the product. If you would prefer to purchase or download individual mosaics from the dataset, you can utilize our GIS DataDepot service.

Click here for a coverage map, or download a Shapefile with coverage information.

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