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Australia (1:1M) & Places
Your Price: $45.95

This dataset developed in 2001 is a digital dataset covering the Australian landmass and island territories, at a 1:1 million scale It consists of vector and raster layers of administrative boundaries, drainage, transportation, population centres, elevation, vegetation, land use and land cover. Additionally, we've included point coverages for more than 65,000 features (with attributes)

Vector data are supplied in ArcView SHP format and raster BIL data are also provided with elevation and drainage information. A User guide, license information, and metadata are included

View complete description

Canada Provinces
Your Price: $24.95

Developed in 1999 by Natural Resources Canada and Nunavut Planning Commission. This dataset has Improved resolution and includes new territory of Nunavut.
Metadata included.

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Data - Coastal and Offshore Marine Zones and High Seas Marine Zones
Your Price: $15.95

Marine Zone shapefile developed by NWS. This data set contains polygons for Coastal and Offshore Marine Zones (WSOM D51) for the U.S. including the Great Lakes (WSOM D52). This data set was designed to depict Coastal

High Seas Marine Zones Also included and Offshore Marine Zones to be used for Marine Zone Forecasting by the National Weather Service.

View complete description

Data - US Water Bodies
Your Price: $15.95

Created in 1998, this data set contains water bodies (lakes , reservoirs and bays)to be used in the Advanced Weather Information Processing System. ArcView SHP format

View complete description

Data - USA Counties 1:2M
Your Price: $9.95

Counties of the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, The Marianas Islands, Midway, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Contains CWA information and time zone data. 1:2M
5.3 MB

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Data - USA County 1:100K
Your Price: $15.95

Developed with Census TIGER95 [1:100K or better] amended by NOS ORCA Coastline. ArcView SHP format. Contains CWA information and time zone data.
30 MB

View complete description

Data - USA Highways
Your Price: $15.95

Developed by US Bureau Transportation Statistics. ArcView SHP format. Also includes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico

The elements of the NHPN have been conflated to the 1:100,000 DLG-3 data set which maintains a nominal accuracy of at least 80 meters.
The National Highway Planning Network is a comprehensive network database of the nations principal arterial highway system and other National Highway System routes. The data set covers the 48 contiguous States plus the District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The nominal scale of the data set is 1:100,000 with an maximal positional error of 80 meters.
7.8 MB

View complete description

Data - World Place Name Data
Your Price: $99.95

World place name database - more than 5,000,000 features

If you need more from this product, custom data products can also be developed. Contact telling us what country(s) your interested in and we'll provide you with a quote.

Click Here to view a sample of the data which is easily imported into ArcView GIS (Sample of Fiji dataset)

Description of Data Fields

Sample data files for Australia, UK, and Canada can be downloaded from

View complete description

Digital Chart of the World
Your Price: $49.95

Digital Chart of The World (DCW) - Supplied in E00 format

People who purchased this have also bought World Place Name Data

View complete description

Specialty Data Bundle - Global Data Bundle
Your Price: $159.95

Global Data Bundle - This data bundle includes the following data products:
  • World place name database - more than 5,000,000 features
  • Canada, US, Mexico political boundaries
  • Digital Chart of The World (DCW)

    This limited edition bundle is offered at $159.95 + shipping

    View complete description

  • US Congressional Districts
    Your Price: $24.95

    View complete description

    US Urban & Forested Areas
    Your Price: $29.95

    arc/info/view data layers in a zip format Continental US Urban Areas & US Forest Service Areas

    View complete description

    US Zip Code Tabulation Areas 2000 (ZCTAs)
    Your Price: $24.95

    Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are a new statistical entity developed by the US Census Bureau for tabulating summary stats from Census 2000. ZCTAs are generalized area representations of US Postal Service (USPS) Zip Code service ares.
    ZCTAs are approximations of mailing ZIP Codes and should not be confused with them.

    Format, ESRI SHP
    More than 55 MB of ZIP compressed data.

    View complete description

    vMap0 - Vector Map Level 0
    Your Price: $99.95

    VMap was formerly known as Digital Chart of the World-DCW

    VMap data can be easily viewed with a number of software programs including ESRI's ArcView GIS. ArcView users can easily view this data by enabling the VPF Viewer extension (Tools > Extensions > VPF Viewer)

    Click here to view coverage map

    View complete description

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